Product Description

Measurement: 150 mm or 5.90 inches X 47 mm or 1.85 inches

Affix numbers to your home using two-part epoxy – we have used Liquid Nails – which can be found at any hardware store. Read the product label to make sure the adhesive is right for both the pottery materials and the building surface.

Measure to make sure all is level and even, using masking tape to show the exact placement of the numbers or frame.

If you are affixing numbers into a frame, do that first and allow to fully dry before affixing the frame to your home.

Secure the numbers to the house as the epoxy sets by using strong duct tape, or other appropriately strong tape, and, if needed, lean a ladder to support the numbers or frame from underneath.

There are various instructional videos on YouTube that will help you understand the best solution for your particular project – though, there is not one to help you say goodbye to your finished product if you move! But don’t worry, we will be there for support if the time comes. 🙂

Happy home beautifying from all your friends here at Italian Pottery Outlet!