Each of these giare are entirely handmade (originally by the coil method and later on a potter’s wheel, in segments) at least a hundred years ago in Puglia, in Southern Italy. After being left to dry as bisqueware in the sunshine, they were fired in a large wood-burning kiln – sometimes a small cave with the entrance bricked shut, or sometimes a large, deep hole with bricked sides and a removable top. Historically, the giara would be used to store the household’s wine and would have a plate cemented on the top so the wine did not sour. Giare make a spectacular statement at the entrance of your home, in your garden, or in the corner of a room that needs some flair. Nest a small plastic pot in the top and plant hanging flowers to spill over the side, or let them stand on their own – they don’t really need a whole lot, they are so gorgeous as-is! They look especially fabulous in pairs or trios, and we are always happy to help envision your space and offer suggestions. We’ve shipped them all over the world (yes, the world!) and are happy to offer them to you with free shipping within the continental United States.