The Italians are famous for creating beautiful, durable ceramics — ceramics that last through the ages. But these high-fired tables are NOT CERAMIC! They are beautiful and virtually indestructible Italian Volcanic Tables! We offer FREE CURBSIDE DELIVERY in the 48 contiguous United States!

Carved from deep within ancient caves in Italy, individually shaped and smoothed, and then skillfully hand-painted and high-fired, these tables are made to weather the hottest sunshine and fiercest winters year in and year out — with no impact on the finish!

Expert Italian artisans employ ancient techniques to transform the carved volcanic stone into a highly dense and durable tabletop that is not only hard like granite, but which also features the intricate glaze work that has made Italian ceramics famous for centuries. Each table is high-fired twice, creating an ultra-durable alchemical fusion of stone and glaze that is ideal for carefree outdoor use year ’round in all weather.

These beautiful and virtually indestructible volcanic tables are available in a variety of shapes, are all-weather safe, and made to last a lifetime. They are made to be left outside year ’round, rain, snow or shine but they look great inside too!


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