The Italian Pottery Outlet got its start in 1982, when Ben Spalluto and his wife, Carol, discovered a shared love of Italian ceramics while visiting family in Italy. In the following years, while learning the retail market and finding suppliers in Italy, they hoped that their children could be involved sometime in the future. In 1996, daughter Julie joined the business, followed soon after by her sister, Adele. A few years ago, the Spalluto’s son, Joe, also joined the business. We launched our website in 1998.

Today, The Italian Pottery Outlet is your source for the finest Italian pottery at discounted prices. As a wholesale distributor we are able to buy in volume and offer our imports to you at 30% off regular retail. Our family scours the Italian countryside each year for the most interesting designs and patterns, and we proudly bring these delights to you.

The Italian Pottery Outlet
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The Spalluto Family

Famiglia Spalluto (clockwise): Frank, Joe, Julie, Ben, Carol, & Adele.

We have a huge selection of traditional pottery from Umbria and Tuscany, as well as new and exciting patterns from regions all over Italy. Our ceramics are made in small workshops where artisans and their families produce individual works of art using techniques handed down from generation to generation.

We carry the largest collection of quality, handmade and hand-decorated Italian ceramics in the West, providing our customers with beautiful and unique items for their homes and gardens. We offer excellent customer service and prompt shipping from our fully stocked warehouse.

In 2018 we proudly celebrated our 35th anniversary. The Spalluto family would like to extend its gratitude to all of the loyal customers who have shared a love of Italian ceramics with us throughout the years. A visit to the Italian Pottery Outlet in Santa Barbara, California will bring our website to life. We look forward to your next visit. Until then, we hope you enjoy our website.

Feel free to browse to your hearts content, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. We have imported from Italy for over three decades and have a wealth of information concerning Italian ceramics. We have an even larger selection in our store, so if you do not see exactly what you are looking for please contact us. We are happy to email photos.

Mille grazie!

Italian Ceramic Vase