Hand Worked Italian Vase

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Hand Worked Italian Vase

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15″H x 12″D

Each and every leaf, petal and stem on this hand-thrown Italian pottery vase was formed one at a time and applied to the surface by the artist’s hand.  The glaze of every stem, leaf and petal is painted by hand too, resulting in that unmistakable feel every fine artist delivers in his or her work.

The best of the human spirit is reflected in all great art.  Maybe this is why in museums the world over voices are hushed as we take in all that we see.  This Tuscan piece is one for the ages.  What will IT see?

In stock

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Product Description

This vase was made entirely by hand in one of the most respected art house ceramic factories in Tuscany, Italy.  The fine quality of the workmanship, glazes and style, as well as the thoughtful whimsy of the design, represent much that is fine in the Tuscan art tradition.


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