So…where y’all goin’? A picnic? Music in the park? Lounging at the beach? Here’s a fun thought: Why not tuck a couple of these 100% cotton Turkish style towels in your “Let’s go have some fun!” basket?

More like blankets, really, these luxurious 4′ x 6′ towels were designed by us – light sky blue and white with embroidered Santa Barbara¬†on one end – and we had the 100% cotton woven in India. The main fabulous thing about these throws/towels/blankets is that they get better and more absorbent with every wash! Long-fibered Indian cotton is great like that.

Heavy enough to double as a blanket, absorbent enough to be your favorite beach or bath towel, large enough to set out all your picnic finery, and pretty enough to wear as a veil in your wedding (kidding…just seeing if you were still with me). Regularly $31.25, these beauties are just $25 each with our 20% linen discount!