Geometrico Ornato Large Decorative Platter

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Geometrico Ornato Large Decorative Platter

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19.5” diameter

Look closely at one of these Geometrico Ornato platters and you will be astonished at the fine workmanship! The hours required to create precise and graceful brushwork like this can only come into practice after years and years of training to hone traditional techniques that have been handed down over countless generations.

In stock

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Product Description

Hand thrown on the potters wheel, and an exceptionally fine example of old-world Italian ceramic art, this large decorative piece looks destined to become a valuable museum piece! But first it is just the thing to enhance your entryway, great room, dining room or living room! A handmade and hand painted Italian pottery piece that is also food safe! Handcrafted in Deruta, Umbria, Italy.


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