Geometrico Ornato Large Decorative Platter

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Geometrico Ornato Large Decorative Platter

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20” diameter

An exceptionally fine example of traditional Italian art, this large Italian pottery Ornato platter belongs in a place of honor! It looks museum worthy, and may just end up at the Uffizi in Florence some day. But for now, how about in that perfect spot in your living room?

In stock

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Product Description

The Italian artists who create these large decorative pieces are among the most skilled ceramic artists in the world. The ability to deftly apply various colors of glaze in this detailed, geometric way, using a tiny paint brush, is a skill that develops over time — a long time — after thousands of hours of painstaking dedication! Untold generations of Italian artisans have trained the next generation to carry the mantle of this artistic tradition. Handmade and hand painted in Deruta, Umbria, Italy.


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