10” x 6”

What a fun way to make orderly your mail, menus, household communiques or just odds and ends! Our hand painted ceramic Paesaggio envelope makes for a clever desktop or countertop container. Toscana Paesaggio features rolling Tuscan hills and strong, tall cypress trees reaching up to the sky. Poppies cover large swaths of the scenic landscape, providing an inspiring vista to those lucky enough to look out from that sprawling Italian villa! This collection, handmade and hand painted in Tuscany, feels like the late afternoon on a warm summer’s day, and will evoke pleasant memories of relaxing days in pastoral paradise.


Please note, the Paesaggio collection is completely handmade and hand painted (as is the case with all of our pottery!) so slight variations in color, tone, and design are to be expected. The item you receive may not look exactly like the one in the photo, but it will be just as beautiful and perfectly unique.