The Italian hillside town of Deruta is known throughout the world for its spectacular pottery. For over six centuries, the craftspeople of Deruta have produced and exported ceramics. Our collection of vases, plates, platters, and more are the same classic designs that have made Deruta vastly popular. Contemporary variations as seen in the Fresco collections are a newer take on old world design. Miele is a subtly-rendered fruit pattern from a small, family-owned factory in Deruta. Fruit is a very popular motif in Italian ceramics as fruit is almost always present during mealtime in Italy. With its bright purple grapes and sunny yellow apples on a warm, off-white background, Miele’s colorful design creates a lovely dining atmosphere.

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    10'' x 6'' H x 4.5'' deep A place for everything, and everything in its place; stash your mail in this beautiful hand painted envelope until you're ready to go through the stack - or use it to store notes, lists, napkins, maybe even to plant a little succulent garden! Miele means "honey" in Italian, and what an appropriate name for this subtly sweet pattern!
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    10'' x 8'' x 2'' H What better way to serve up your delicious side dishes than in our Miele fluted oval bowl? This piece is a perfect size for vegetables, cranberry sauce, fruit salad, grapes, you name it! Enrich your home with a touch of Italian ceramic artistry.
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    11" x 5"

    Use this gorgeous ceramic tray for serving cheese and crackers or small cookies at a dinner party.

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    8"D x 6.25"H This gorgeous Italian hand-painted cachepot is a great way to display your favorite plant. It can also be used as a place to hold your letters or kichen utensils.
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    Miele Fluted Footed Fruit Bowl
    10"D x 6"H This gorgeous Italian ceramic footed bowl features a gorgeous fluted rim. It is an excellent way to decorate any table or counter-top while holding your fresh produce.
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    Miele Candlestick

    $144.00 $101.00
    7.5"H x 4.25"D

    This detailed Miele Deruta candlestick will look great on a foyer table, or pair with the Miele footed bowl (D30M) for a beautiful candlelit dining table.

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    Miele Napkin Holder

    $125.00 $88.00
    5.5"W x 4"H

    This elegant napkin holder will add a touch of Italian charm to your table and keep those napkins within reach!

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    Miele Butter Dish

    Miele Butter Dish

    $124.00 $87.00
    8.5" x 5" x 4"H Store and serve your butter in this exquisite Italian ceramic dish with a convenient decorative handle. Inside measures 6" x 3" and will hold either the short Western butter cubes or the long Eastern butter sticks.
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    Miele Teapot

    $252.00 $176.00
    11"W x 6"H

    With this piece in your collection you will be having tea time all the time! Handmade and painted in Deruta, this tea pot brings the elegance of Italy into your home. Not for stovetop use.

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    Miele Deruta Mug

    $52.00 $37.00
    3.25"D x 3.75"H - 8 oz. This Italian ceramic mug has a soft yet stunning charm that is sure to make for a pleasant cup of coffee or tea.
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    Careful brushstrokes and unique colors make this Italian dinner plate a charming piece of ceramic tableware. Set on an off-white background, the colors are a bit more muted in person than in the photograph

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    6.5"D x 1.5"H

    Place your wine bottle atop a true Italian work of art. This ceramic wine coaster prevents drips from reaching the tablecloth and brings Italian charm to the table.

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    Miele Oval Platter

    $221.00 $154.00
    15" x 12"

    This Italian ceramic oval platter makes a gorgeous decorative piece with unique color and shape. It is also great for serving hors d'oeuvres at a dinner party or family gathering.

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    Miele Soup Plate

    $110.00 $77.00
    9.75"D x 1.75"H Serve soup or salad in this delicately painted shallow ceramic bowl from Deruta. Set on an off-white background, the colors are a bit more muted in person than in the photograph
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    These gorgeous Italian ceramic salad plates are great as a decoration or to bring out during a dinner party and serving a small starter or a beautiful ending dessert. Set on an off-white background, the colors are a bit more muted in person than in the photograph.

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    8.5"H These unique rooster pitchers are something very famous in Italian pottery and are collected by many. Use these interesting ceramic rooster pitchers as a decoration around your home or for your favorite beverage.
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    Miele Vase

    $106.00 $74.00
    8"H Handmade and hand painted in Deruta, the soft honey back ground shows off the fruit of Miele just perfectly. Put some fresh flowers in this Italian ceramic vase to make a beautiful centerpiece. It can also be a great gift for the pottery lover!
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    Miele Salad Bowl

    $162.00 $98.00
    12"D x 4.5"H Serve any fresh salad or delicious pasta from Italy in this beautiful ceramic bowl from Deruta. Also, try filling with water and lighting floating candles for a unique centerpiece.
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    Miele Biscotti Jar

    $176.00 $123.00
    7.5" x 7"H

    Keep your tasty Italian treats in this beautiful, hand-painted ceramic cookie jar.

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    10" x 10" x 6.5"H This lovely hand-painted ceramic salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar tray is a great way to bring an Italian feel to any meal.
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    Miele Pitcher

    $108.00 $76.00
    8.25"H - 1.5 Lt.

    Serve any ice cold beverage or Italian wine in this lovely hand-painted pitcher. You can also use this wonderful ceramic serveware as a utensil holder or even a vase for your freshly cut flowers.