By Jessica Graybill

Imagine riding a bike along the winding roads of Tuscany’s picturesque countryside on a warm summer day; endless views of colorful hills littered with bright sunflowers and vibrant red poppies surround you. Cypress trees sway in the breeze on the horizon, a gentle dance that caresses the sky. The branches of trees you pass are so heavy with plentiful ripe fruit that you wonder if you can reach out and snag a lemon as you zip past; but instead you opt to stop for a bite to eat and a glass of wine.

Our Toscana Bees collection features fruit on a warm creamy background, alive with bees.

Seated on the patio of a little hole-in-the-wall eatery, your eyes land on the trellis along the side of the stone building. Grapevines twist upward scattered with generous clusters of fat, juicy grapes. As your eyes focus, you notice movement – bees darting from flower to flower, gathering pollen and nectar to bring back home to their queen. A dragonfly glides by, landing at the edge of a nearby fountain to cool off and take a drink.

Toscana Fiori’s gentle dragonflies and flowers warm your home with reminders of summer.

While we can’t always be enjoying Tuscany’s charming mise en sc√®ne, we can bring a little bit of Tuscan ambiance into our homes through the pieces of our Toscana Bees and Toscana Fiori collections. Two sides of the same coin, these sister collections play off each other to create a stunning, summery arrangement that will remind you of leisurely days spent with nothing better to do than admire the buzzing bees and drifting dragonflies.