Written by Jessica Graybill

If you’re one of our longtime customers you know how long we’ve sought after microwave-safe Italian pottery that lives up to our exacting standards. We’ve phased collections in and out of rotation over the years, but we have finally settled on one that is truly as beautiful as it is durable, and we can’t stop raving about it!

Meet Campagna…completely handmade and hand painted; microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe; and best of all – affordable!

This fabulous new collection, named for a small town in the province of Salerno, is understated and somewhat rustic, evoking memories of southern Italy’s farmhouses and rolling hills. I have fond memories of traveling through Grottaglie and Lecce, enjoying incredible meals served family-style with wine decanted into small pitchers just like these. The serving pieces are generously sized, and you can pop them into the oven to keep side dishes warm while you finish the meal on the stove. The oval platter would look beautiful with an artfully arranged caprese salad, or an entire broiled fish, presented whole on a bed of rice. My favorite pieces are the tiny pitchers (I’m a sucker for a tiny pitcher) which surprisingly hold an entire 750 ml bottle of wine, and the soup/pasta plates are the perfect hybrid of plate and bowl.

The baking dishes are an absolute dream and the naturally non-stick ceramic makes clean-up a breeze. Seriously; look at these stuffed mushrooms (they were so good, though I know they aren’t the most photogenic of foods). That crispy cheese just slid right off and into my mouth (whoops…don’t judge) and a little soap and water cleaned it all right up, no elbow grease necessary. I think I’m going to Kon-Mari  all my Pyrex baking dishes and just use these now!

Baked-on cheese is no match for this natural, non-stick ceramic bakeware! Handmade and hand painted in Sicily.

 I could sing Campagna’s praises for days-es but suffice it to say, this collection is shaping up to be one of our best-sellers. Plus, it includes limoncello cups, which you can use for whatever apertif or digestif you choose!

Cheers! We’re not drinking on the job, we promise…

Check out the entire Campagna collection here!