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Welcome to the Italian Pottery Outlet!

Italian Pottery Outlet offers the finest in imported Italian pottery and volcanic tables at discounted prices. Our family scours the Italian countryside searching for the most interesting Italian ceramic designs and patterns, and we proudly bring these handmade, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind ceramic delights to you! The ceramics we import are defined as Majolica. To be considered such, an item must be made of European red clay. After the item dries and is fired the first time, it is dipped in a white, chalky coating over which the design is painted entirely freehand with lead-free mineral glazes; it is then fired again to bring out the colors of the various minerals.

Please note:

Due to an enormous backlog at the Port of Los Angeles and COVID issues in Italy, it is taking longer for us to receive our shipments. Everything is on its way or in production, so please hang in there with us. We will keep you updated. ❤